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Creating innovative solutions in energy, environment and sustainable development to accelerate India’s transition to a cleaner future. We at EIECS are the leaders in providing pollutions control consultancy and fabricate & manufacture all kinds of pollution control equipment’s to subduing air, water and noise pollution.

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Monitoring Systems

  • Effluent Monitoring Systems
    • Flowmeter
    • Water Analyzer
  • Emission Monitoring Systems
    • PM Analyzer
    • Gas Analyzer
  • Piezometer
  • PTZ Camera
  • Data Connectivity to CPCB/SPCB’s

Retrofit Emission
Control Device

We have entered into an understanding with M/s Platino Automotive Pvt Ltd and become exclusive Partner of sales & marketing of RECD. The technology is tested under the required ISO 8178, 5 mode D2 cycle from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

Dual Fuel Kit

Dual Fueling is the simultaneous combustion of two fuels. EIE Dual Fuel solutions comprise special kits that can be retrofitted on existing high speed diesel engines to allow use of a mixture of Methane rich gas (most often Natural gas) with Diesel as fuel. After conversion, the engine can continue to operate with only Diesel also. However, a ‘Gas only’ operations is not possible.

PNG Based Generator

We offer Gas-based generators that are tailored to meet local code requirements and address the distinctive backup power needs of businesses across diverse industries. Our gas-based generators feature state-of-the-art Generac engines, specifically engineered to operate on gaseous fuels, and are meticulously optimized for critical emergency standby applications.

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Lighting the Path to a Greener Future

Join us in our mission to light the green path to a better future. We don’t just provide pollution control solutions; we illuminate a way forward towards a cleaner, more sustainable India.

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