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About us

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At present, not only we are providing high-tech measuring instruments but also consultancy regarding equipment needed to deliver complete water & air management solutions in order to improve resource management efficiency. Water & air purification is a step by step process that often requires a combination of technologies; EIECS provides you with the best solution systems by blending these technologies to suit your specific needs.

Our Services

Your Path to Cleaner Air, Water, and Better Surroundings


Our Mission

Providing most efficient services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers and to build long lasting fruitful relationship our clients by providing them most exceptional product and after sales services.

Our Goals

With our unique quality of invention and innovation, we believe to take our horizons to all over World. We are integrated with honesty, expert team and true business ethics by that we are bound to win hearts of our clients by providing them most affordable and most functional solutions for all their environmental needs.

Our Action

Design, develop & Manufacturing products required to meet the current & upcoming market needs. Customizable and human-centered concepts to follow new trends of intelligent product technology & energy savings.

Our Results

Water & Air Treatment Equipments Manufacturing intelligent Water & Air Monitoring Systems (Certified Products) Data Analyzing System on Real time Basis (Complying CPCB/SPCB Norms).

Our Benefits

Continuous data assessment can ensure Water & Air Quality & Quantity. Automated reports helps in Taking Timely Decision & Planning Online Information & historical data helps in Managing Demand Variation Getting a Better Environment for our future.

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