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Environmental Monitoring

EIECS is the pioneer in developing pollution monitoring tools for different chemical, Microbial, heavy metal, industry specific parameters and gaseous parameters too, enabling efficient linkage with the appropriate authority in time bound manner for necessary follow-up action thereon.

Emission Control Systems for DG Sets

EIECS in its endeavor to reduce PM emissions to air, has developed state of art dual fuel kit that uses more of CNG over conventional Diesel fuel. This control is intended to reduce emissions from the back drop. At the same time another tool called Retrofit Emission control Device (RECD) is promoted to reduce the pollutants at the tail pipe.

Solid Waste Management

Drive waste management innovations, collaborate with industries, and educate communities on responsible waste practices. Lead by example in creating a sustainable future through circular economy workshops, research, and technological solutions for resource utilization, ensuring a greener world for generations to come

Water & Waste Water Management

Offer water-saving technologies, conduct audits for efficiency, develop recycling systems, and provide training on conservation practices. Collaborate with governments for compliance and monitor water usage to ensure sustainable management of limited freshwater resources.

Plant Tree

First generation to face climate change, last generation to reverse it. Together, we can shape a thriving future.

Real Time Data on CPCB & SPCBs

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Real Time Pollution Monitoring

Join us in lighting the green path to a brighter tomorrow. We don’t just offer pollution control solutions; we illuminate the way forward towards a cleaner, more sustainable India.

Real Time data monitoring
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