PNG Based Generator

PNG Based Generator

We offer Gas-based generators that are tailored to meet local code requirements and address the distinctive backup power needs of businesses across diverse industries. Our gas-based generators feature state-of-the-art Generac engines, specifically engineered to operate on gaseous fuels, and are meticulously optimized for critical emergency standby applications.

By choosing our gas-based generators, you not only secure your power supply but also contribute to reduced emissions and a greener footprint. We are committed to promoting eco-conscious solutions that align with your business’ sustainability goals.

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  • Compact: Small foot printwith best-in-class gaseous power density.
  • Fast Response: Gas rich-burn technology allows steady and cleaner power.
  • Single source: Dependable design, testing, service, etc.
  • Quick Start: Restores electrical power within seconds from an outage.
  • Smart Controls: Single unit to fuel optimization and predictive failure.
  • User Friendly: Built-in diagnostic and ease of servicing.
  • Versatile: Designed to operate under harsh temperature, humidity and altitude factors.
  • Affordable to own: Low operating cost.

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